• Use possessive form to show that a person “has” something.
    • Things: Lisa has a dog.

Lisa‘s dog is big.

    • Relationships: Sam has a daughter.

    Alice is Sam‘s daughter.

  • Possessive can be in nouns, adjectives, and pronouns form.


Noun Rule Example
  1. Singular

– boy
– Lisa

Add ‘s (a) The boy’s shoes are missing.

(b) Lisa’s dog is big.

2. Singular nouns and names ending in s
           – Simon
Add ‘s after the s (a) Simon’s car is broken.
3. Regular plural noun
– girls
Add after the s (a) The girls’ dogs are big.
4. Irregular plural noun
– people
Add ‘s (a) The people’s bags are in the lobby.


Subject Pronoun Possessive Adjective
I have a car.

You have a car.

He has a car.

She has a car.

The robot has a car.

We have a dog.

You have a dog.

They have a dog.

My car is small.

Your car is big.

His car is red.

Her car is blue.

Its car is new.

Our car is old.

Your car is expensive.

Their car is cheap.


Possessive Adjectives Possessive Pronouns
It is my car.

It is your family.

It’s his cat.

It’s her dog.

They are our kids.

It’s their house.

The car is mine.

The family is yours.

The cat’s his.

The dog’s hers.

The kids are ours.

The house’s theirs.